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The floor heating at home has been stopped. Should the floor heating valve be kept closed or open? How to deal with the floor heating water?
Publisher:adminRelease Time:2018-04-12

Home heating all know, heating is also time, usually the next year in mid-to-late March will stop heating. When the heating system is turned off, many people still have a lot of stagnant water in their homes. Some families also choose to empty the pipes to keep them clean. At this time the problem came, the home heating off, the heating valve to keep closed or open? What should be done with the water in the floor heating system? Today, I'd like to share with you.

Should the floor heating valve be kept closed or open?

Generally speaking, after the floor heating off, there is no strict requirement whether to close the valve or open, generally recommended is to close the floor heating valve is more appropriate.

1. After the floor heating is stopped, if the valve is not closed. Wait until the next year heating, many of the impurities in the system, particles and so on will be a large number of flow into the home heating pipe, if the floor heating filter is blocked, heating temperature will be greatly affected. If the filter is damaged, impurities can pile up inside the pipes, clogging the heating. 

2, the next year heating many areas are sleeping heating, if the heating shutdown valve is open, then the next year heating water pressure increased, if the heating pipe damage, there will be a large area of water leakage, affect the home floor. 

Therefore, generally speaking, it is best to keep the floor heating valve closed after the shutdown. In addition, it should be noted that after the second year of heating, we should not immediately open the floor heating valve. The correct approach is to wait two days for heating before opening the floor heating valve, this can effectively reduce the total impurities of the heating system into the home heating system.

How to deal with the water after the floor heating is stopped?

It is well known that when the floor heating system is turned off, the entire heating system can not circulate, including the home's circulation and pressure pumps. Because the floor heating system has part of the pipe vertical ground, so many coil in the water is unable to flow out. So is the water in the floor heating retained or drained? The answer is yes or no. The current floor heating pipe generally will not cause the proliferation of bacteria in the pipe, in the actual use process, do not worry about the life of the floor heating pipe. If the home is hanging furnace heating, then we should pay attention to keep warm water, if emptying, pressure imbalance, will affect the use of domestic water. Of course, to remind is, if it is a cold winter, not to open the floor heating, it is necessary to drain the water in the floor heating pipe to prevent freezing crack floor heating pipe. For more up-to-date information on heating, stay tuned to Karanka.