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Do Floor warmers need to be cleaned once a year? Learn how to do that. Heat up the floor
Publisher:adminRelease Time:2018-04-12

When it comes to floor heating cleaning, some people feel that it is strange, because they have never experienced or thought of floor heating and still need to be cleaned. The most intuitive feeling is that floor heating does not get hotter every year, especially in those old houses, in winter, home heating is not hot, will first think of the Heating Company problem, in fact, most of the time is the home heating pipe is very dirty leading to heating capacity drop, today hurry to learn it, to try to make this year's winter is no longer cold, warm winter.

The so-called floor heating cleaning is to remove the sediment impurities in the floor heating pipe. Since the water source in the floor heating system is basically tap water, the content of the material in the tap water is strictly controlled to reach the standard when it leaves the factory, however, in the water supply network, because of problems such as pipes and water tanks for secondary water supply, the contents of microorganisms and minerals in the water will exceed the standard, and because of the comfortable living environment in the floor heating, the microorganisms in the water will produce a large number of biological slime and adhere to the inner wall of the pipe. The calcium and magnesium ions in the minerals will form calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate when heated, and gradually adhere to the inner wall of the pipe after a long time, the formation of impurities, pipe diameter reduction, affect the normal operation of the heating system, leading to the heating effect is reduced.

Some knowledge about floor heating and matters needing attention are also necessary to understand oh:

 (1) the heat radiation of floor heating is not harmful to the human body;

 (2) floor heating is not immediately hot, therefore, do not think in a short period of time to let the temperature rise to the set temperature, a heating season is not closed;

(3) the temperature of the floor heating will not affect the ground;

 (4) when the cement floor some cracks, is due to insulation layer, will Not Affect the ground decoration; 

(5) the first use of floor heating should be gradual, such as the first day 18 °c, the second day 25 °C, the third day 30 °c, to the fourth day can rise to normal temperature; 

(6) also in the shutdown of the floor heating system, also pay attention to slow down the temperature, not sudden drop, or it may shorten the service life of the floor; 

(7) in the room more dry, you can consider the first humidification, otherwise it may cause the floor in the long-term high temperature cracking.

It should be noted that after the floor heating is finished cleaning, it is necessary to add protective agent, protective agent is required to use special equipment to check the PH value of water and other data, but also full water maintenance, it is recommended to find a professional floor heating cleaner (to help the public service floor heating cleaning) to clean. If you can't fix the floor heating yourself, it will be useless, and cleaning without a professional tool is time-consuming and laborious, now September and October is the best time to clean the floor heating, such as cleaning good heating in November, the home will be warm!