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Floor heating in the end there is no need to install, regret to know too late!
Publisher:adminRelease Time:2018-04-12

This Spring Festival holiday ushered in a large-scale rain and snow cooling weather, wind and rain outside the window, indoor cold and cheerless, many people regret the friends circle owners group did not install floor heating. Does not install floor heating in the home in winter, what inconvenience is there? Go home for a family reunion dinner, parents hard prepared a large table of chicken, duck and fish, good food and wine table, but wine has not passed three meals have been cool, in the face of cool beer drinks also timid, dare not drink. Accustomed to the city life around the heating, a fashion trend of the new clothes rushed home, could not bear the cold, or put on the mother prepared in advance of the big cotton-padded clothes. Chinese New Year Family Reunion, children also to enjoy the release of nature time, crazy play not for a while to sweat wet, cool indoor temperature difference, cold too easy to happen. I would like to chat with my parents and family after dinner, chatter, the picture is thought to be very warm, but the harsh winter has forced people into bed early to get warm. In a word, install a set of floor warmers, lock up the warmth in winter and leave love at home. Floor heating low-temperature heating, warm feet cool roof, indoor not dry, comfortable and healthy, but also can unconsciously close the distance between family members, to love the best company. So, what does a floor heating system consist of? What are the installation process steps? The installation procedure of floor heating takes the water floor heating system as an example, the structure of water floor heating system includes heat source, water separator and connecting pipeline, ground engineering (including pipeline and insulation) , control system (including room temperature controller, thermoelectric control valve and temperature control center and flow control device) . Leveling the ground is the first step to install floor heating, the ground leveling should first remove the bump on the ground to ensure no debris on the ± 10 mm ground, and clean up to ensure that the ground is level, avoid the impact of uneven ground protrusions cut heating pipes insulation. Install the water splitter install the water splitter horizontally at the position specified on the drawing. The water splitter is placed on the top of the water splitter and the distance between the water splitters is 200mm. The center of the water collector is not less than 300mm from the ground. It is suggested to add a water separator cover to prevent the water separator from being damaged in the interior decoration stage. Laying insulation layer, reflective film after the completion of leveling the ground, in the upper laying insulation board, board joints with adhesive bonding firm, insulation layer to be laid flat. In order to prevent heat loss downward, the insulation board and then use a layer of aluminum foil reflective film, reflective film on the insulation board, keep flat, no wrinkles, no leakage of insulation board or the ground. The reflective film radiates the temperature upward, reducing the loss of temperature conduction downward. Laying floor heating coil pipes strictly in accordance with the design and construction drawings laying floor heating coil pipes, pipe laying spacing in line with the design, close to the external wall, windows, and floor pick-up and other large heat-consuming areas to be encrypted, and fixing the pipe material on the composite insulation board and the reflective film with the plastic clamp. When the geothermal pipeline is finished, the room is more than 30 M2 or more than 6 meters in length, and the expansion strips are installed in different systems in the same space to avoid the ground cracking caused by uneven heating of the pipeline. After the water pressure test of the pipeline is carried out to check whether the heating pipes laid under the floor heating are damaged and whether the pipe spacing meets the design requirements, the water pressure test must be carried out before the pipeline is concealed, and the air in the pipeline must be removed before the pressure test, raise the system pressure to 0.6 MPA to stop the pressure (up to 0.8 MPA) , close the valve, check each contact has no water seepage phenomenon. It is necessary to do a good job of backfilling in order to choose the way of wet paving for backfilling and leveling the ground water floor heating. In general, cement mortar is used to smooth the ground heating. Concrete has the functions of protecting and fixing the plumbing pipes, heat transfer and heat storage, make the heat evenly distributed to prevent local overheating or supercooling. When installing heat source water floor heating, you can choose wall hanging furnace or air source heat pump or ground source heat pump as the heat source. When you choose to install wall hanging furnace, you should install it in a position convenient for operation and smooth for smoke exhaust, for later repair and maintenance. Final acceptance of the technical specifications of the construction standards, system wiring and the layout of the components to complete the acceptance, to ensure the stable operation of the system. Every detail step is related to the later use of the floor heating system effect, select high-quality floor heating system structure, professional construction and after-sales support team to ensure the comfort of family life in winter.