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How is the service life of floor heating regulated? Do you need maintenance? These questions need to be cleared up
Publisher:adminRelease Time:2018-04-12

For floor heating, many families now like to install. But ground heating is due to all the pipes buried in the ground below, if there is damage to the ground heating, replacement is very difficult. So many friends are concerned about the heating service life of the problem. We take the following question as an example to answer questions related to the heating service life. How long is the service life of the floor heating system? Do you need maintenance? About the life of the floor heating system how long? Do you need maintenance? In this question asked two points: the first point is the service life of floor heating, the second point is the use of some requirements for floor heating. So the home miscellaneous altar below also divide the problem to everybody to carry on the solution one by one, so that everybody can get a better understanding.

How long does floor heating last?

As for the service life of floor heating, we should divide the floor heating into two parts: the first part is the heating pipe buried under the ground, the second major part is the water collector on the ground and the water supply and return part of the ground heating. The two parts are actually different. Their specific service life is as follows.

(I) : How long is the service life of heating pipes for floor heating?

How long is the service life of heating pipe for floor heating? The personal view is that, as it is now said, heating pipes for floor heating will last as long as the building. In other words, if our building is designed to last 70 years, then the life of the floor heating is 70 years. If the design life of our house is 50 years, then the heating life is 50 years. So say the service life of floor heating is very long, this point we need not worry. Why Do you say that? There are two things you should know. 

1: ground heating buried heating pipes are basically plastic pipes. For example, the most common pex pipeline, pert pipeline, PB pipeline and so on. Such pipelines buried in the ground, if there is no external damage, almost no damage. That means it won't rust, rust, rot. So we worry about the life of the floor heating.

 2: To avoid the emergence of substandard floor heating pipes. There are two main points here: the first point is that the buried part of the pipeline as far as possible is not allowed to have joints. Because the joint will seriously reduce the service life of the floor heating. Another point is that the pipe must be qualified. If the purchase of poor quality pipe, in the case of long-term pressure may occur leakage of water.

(2) : How long will the service life of the sub-collectors for ground heating and the main pipes for supplying and returning water be?

There is generally no strict requirement on the service life of the sub-water collector and the supply and return water pipeline for floor heating. For this part, since it is mounted above ground, it is easy to repair and replace even if it is damaged. The personal point of view is that the above-ground part of the heating system has no service life limit and can be repaired and replaced at any time. 

1: The sub-collector for floor heating can be removed and installed. Because the connection between the water separator and the pipe is through the screw fastening connection, the screw loose, you can take the heating pipe down. That's how you take the water divider off. So it's easy to replace and repair.

 2: If the main water supply and return pipe of floor heating leaks in the exposed part, we all know that it is very simple to repair. No matter what kind of pipe we use, it is very convenient to repair, so it has nothing to do with the life of the floor heating.

Does floor heating need maintenance?

Does floor heating need maintenance? To this problem, the view that individual gives is that the floor heating in the home needs to be maintained. Because the floor heating does not maintain will not affect the service life of the floor heating, but will seriously affect the use of the heating effect. Why will affect the use of floor heating effect? There are two main reasons for this. 

1: As the use of time increases, the floor heating tube may be breeding green algae. The plastic tubes are particularly prone to green algae. If there's a leak in the plumbing, the algae will grow fast. Green algae can seriously affect the supply and return of water transport and heat, and ultimately affect the heating effect of our homes.

 2: As the life of the heating pipe increases, the wall may be attached to a lot of sediment. After you open the floor heating pipe will find that the wall of the floor heating pipe has a layer of oil, this pump oil is easy to absorb the impurities in the supply and return water, slowly in the pipe wall more and more accumulation of thick. So the use of floor heating five years later slowly found that the heating effect is not as good as before, room temperature is lower than before. 

Tips and suggestions: 

1, for the installation of floor heating, must pay attention to the relevant requirements. Especially for the heating pipe exposed to the ground part of the heating, must be used to protect the corrugated pipe to avoid exposure.

2. For home heating, personal advice is to use about five years of time, find professional cleaning personnel to clean once. This will ensure that the floor heating effect of heat dissipation.