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The cold winter is coming | this floor heating use matters needing attention please check!
Publisher:adminRelease Time:2018-04-12

The Cold Dew has passed, and will soon enter the heating period. Some users of home heating systems are already using them. Then for the first use and stop a year of unused floor heating, in the initial heating need to pay attention to what problems? Do not rush to water supply due to long-term use of heating outside the network pipeline, the pipeline is likely to deposit some debris and rust. If left untreated and eager to open the floor heating valve, these debris and water rust will enter their own floor heating pipeline, affecting the heating effect, reduce the service life of the floor heating pipe. Tip: In the early days of heating, don't rush to open the valve on the main pipe of the indoor supply and return water. You should wait for the water in the pipe of the external network to circulate for two days before opening your own floor heating valve, this can effectively prevent the pipeline deposition of impurities into the floor heating pipe. Because of long-term non-operation of the heating pipeline system before the start of heating, there will be gas in the indoor pipeline, resulting in gas plug heating effect is not good. TIPS: In this case, hands-on ability of the small partner, can adjust their water separator on the exhaust valve for exhaust, if not operating can contact professional heating installation and maintenance personnel for solutions.

Water heating before the need to test water with radiator heating system, heating season before the arrival of water heating system is necessary to test the water. Attention should be paid to the gradual injection of hot water before starting the water heating system. First, the water supply main loop valve is semi-opened, and hot water is injected into the circulating pipe. Then check the water splitter interface is not abnormal, and one by one to open the water splitter each branch valve.


Tip: If Water separator and pipeline leakage is found, should promptly close the supply and return water main valve and timely contact with the developer or plumbing company. When the water heating system is pressed to test the water, the family must keep a person in case the pipeline leaks and causes damage to the floor.

Floor heating should be used slowly

In order to avoid the floor deformation caused by the damp after the temperature rise, it is necessary to control the temperature rise of floor heating. Tip: It is recommended to use an hourly temperature rise of 1 degree Celsius (not more than 5 degrees Celsius all day) gradually increase the temperature, do not turn the temperature to the highest, otherwise it is easy to damage the floor. In general, the floor surface temperature to maintain around 30 degrees Celsius is appropriate, the highest should not exceed 45 degrees Celsius.

Regular Inspection and maintenance

Many people think that the floor heating system is in a closed environment and does not need to be cleaned. But in fact, because of the secondary pollution of the water supply network will produce a variety of impurities, heating pipes, filters and other facilities should pay attention to cleaning and maintenance. TIPS: Before heating, you need to check the system of equipment, including heating joints, water separator joints, heating pipe connections and other places are solid, whether there is running, dripping phenomenon; check whether the pressure gauge values in the normal range; Clean the strainer. In order to maintain the efficient operation of the system, 2-3 heating season please professional heating company to the heating pipeline and equipment cleaning, maintenance.

Keep people in the House for 24 hours

There should be someone in the house within 24 hours of the floor heating going on. In this period of time, check once or twice to see if the ground heating pipe and the joint of the water separator and other places are leaking, if abnormal conditions are found, should be promptly closed to find the cause of the ground heating, if necessary, contact the maintenance staff to check the maintenance.

Don'ts when not using floor heating

Do not use floor heating for a short period of time, you can lower the temperature instead of turning it off. If the indoor temperature is below 5 °c, the air compressor should be used to blow all the water out of the floor heating system to prevent the system from freezing and damage the pipeline and other equipment. It's warm in Kinder! The cold winter is coming soon. Before the winter heating period comes, I hope everyone can make preparations in time to enjoy a warm winter as scheduled!